{phx} truly food from the kitchen

April 7, 2012

A bunch of new restaurants have opened at the Biltmore in the past year or so. While I’m not so sure when True Food Kitchen actually opened, it’s been on my list of places of restaurants to try at the Biltmore. One of my friends is a regular there (ha!) and raves about the food and drinks they offer. They have locations in California and Arizona, which in my eyes totally ups Arizona’s food scene.

The menu at True Food is suppsoed to be globally inspired and changes to accommodate natural, sustainable ingredients. Lots of the options were gluten free, vegetarian, and even vegan. Essentially the kitchen is open and even all the prepping tables are right out front so everyone can see how all the food is being made. The Curry was a little spicier than I had anticipated, but totally delicious. Everyone on Yelp raves about the Edamame Dumpling appetizer and now I can totally see why. And just to sum it up, everything was really awesome!


Pomegranate Mojito

Edamame Dumplings

Panang Curry

Asparagus & Artichoke Pizza

All Natural Steak Tacos


One Response to “{phx} truly food from the kitchen”

  1. annalice said

    man that food looks so good!! mmm the artichoke pizza! (i dont like asparagus though =(….)

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