{scottsdale} meat feast at fogo

April 23, 2012

In celebration of a birthday for a man who loves to eat, we went to Fogo de Chao (in Scottsdale) with a bunch of friends. If you don’t know what Fogo de Chao is, you’re about to find out! It’s a part of this recent Brazilian BBQ craze where you go on and essentially enjoy (or perhaps stuff yourself) with every kind of meat you can imagine: filet mignon, beef ribs, lamb chops, chicken, sausage, prime rib, just to name a few.

Course one at Fogo is actually not much meat at all, it’s a variety of salads, cheeses, and grilled vegetables from the appetizer bar. From there, you enjoy a number of different Brazilian appetizers: fried bananas, cheese bread, and mashed potatoes. Finally, men dressed as gauchos come around with large amounts of meat in hand ready to slice you a piece if you have your coaster flipped to green. Just flip to red if you’re resting. Let’s just say I’ve never eaten so much meat in one setting before in my life, but, you know, I had to get my money’s worth if I was going to spend around $60 (after tax and tip) per person. What I realized though is that the filet mignon guy is in really high demand and that while the beef ribs were a little on the fatty side, they tasted so good! The garlic beef was also pretty decent. The only not so great thing is that it’s really hard to take pictures of nice-looking pieces of meat while eating in this manner and my place constantly looked like a mess … so let’s just say the pictures don’t really look as appetizing as the meat really was.


Meat in the window

Brazilian pictures on the wall

Yucky-looking plate of meat


6 Responses to “{scottsdale} meat feast at fogo”

  1. annalice said

    wow so much meat. really not my type of restaurant haha but glady you enjoyed it!

  2. Dienna said

    So the rumors are true—they do serve slabs of meat on giant skewers! I’ve been meaning to check that restaurant out myself sometime. I’m a meat-lover, and this place looks like it’d fill me up!

  3. Ba said

    Sounds like something to try when in Scottsdale. But, $60 per person is kind of steep.

  4. pinakibgl said

    wow so much meat….

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