{palm springs} dining @ trio

April 25, 2012

Before going on trips, I tend to do a lot of research on the restaurants in the area because I love my food. So before going to Palm Springs, TripAdvisor told me that Trio was rated the best restaurant in Palm Springs so I deemed it a must try. We made reservations a few hours ahead of time to not have to wait. We walked in and the first thing I noticed was how chic and modern all the furniture and decorations looked. The atmosphere was also extremely friendly.

We each ordered from the prix fixe menu, even though it was a little pricey. I had the hummus, five cheese macaroni, and an ice cream sundae for dessert. My parents and I all tried different dishes and for dessert we had both the sundaes and some scrumptious bread pudding. My macaroni was delectable and included some pieces of bacon and was extremely creamy. I was super satisfied with the entire Trio experience! I can definitely see why it was rated number one!

A trio of photo adventures:


3 Responses to “{palm springs} dining @ trio”

  1. Karen said

    Sounds like a nice restaurant to visit.

  2. annalice said

    look soooo yummy!! i wish i could have gone but instead of i was studying =(

  3. pinakibgl said

    Sounds like a nice restaurant to visit….

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