{milwaukee} comet’s slow-cooked cuisine

April 30, 2012

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives suggested Comet Cafe for delicious home-cooked Milwaukee food so we thought we’d give the place a try. Walking in, we put our name on the wait list but were seated just a few minutes after that. I knew even before arriving that I really wanted to order the AJ’s Compact Turkey Dinner which features turkey, sage stuffing, and mashed potatoes in ball form and served with lots of gravy. It was absolutely delicious even though there might have been a little too much beer batter so I ended up eating all of the stuff on the inside and not much of the fried outside covering. SGT Fong ordered the meatloaf which came with bacon (!) and we even bought a humungous red velvet cupcake to go, which was just as delicious as the rest of the meal. The only down side is that the place was so busy that it took a really long time for us to get our food — the place certainly features slow-cooked cuisine.


Soup of the Day: Minestrone

AJ’s Compact Turkey Dinner

Meatloaf with Beer Gravy

Take our box for dessert

Huge red velvet cupcake


2 Responses to “{milwaukee} comet’s slow-cooked cuisine”

  1. Gaaahhhd. Foooooooddd! They already look good so no wonder they taste delicious as well. *drools*

  2. Great! Now I’m hungry! 😀

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