{milwaukee} brewing it up at lakefront

May 1, 2012

Even though wine and choose go together naturally, I feel like the hipster thing to do is to pair beer with cheese; and what better place to make a beer and cheese combination than Milwaukee, Wisconsin?!?

Lakefront Brewery is actually the first brewery I’ve ever visited. I had no idea there were places that gave you tours of their factory and then gave you samples of their beer, too! Well, Lakefront Brewery certainly does that and they really go all out because instead of either front or back loading you, they give you four chips that you trade for beer throughout the tour, which makes the whole experience just a little more fun than usual. A regular tour costs $7, but we were given a special deal because of SGT Fong’s military status even though they don’t officially have a special military price.

For me, it was really interesting to learn about how beer is made. For the kids on the tour, they were given tons and tons of Lakefront root beer, which is supposed to be special because it’s Golden Maple, but personally, I am not a fan!


Beer chips

Brewing beer

Kegs of Lakefront beer

Tour takeaway pint glass and golden maple root beer (yuck!)


One Response to “{milwaukee} brewing it up at lakefront”

  1. Great photos! Love the cork coasters against the red background!

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