{san diego} beach wedding

June 14, 2012

The reason we traveled to San Diego this past weekend was for my aunt’s wedding. She graciously decided to have her wedding in Southern California even though she and her now-husband live in New England because it’s difficult for my aging grandparents to travel. As a result, it was a small event, but was incredibly beautiful and came with all the traditional fixings. The ceremony itself was right on the beach! This wasn’t my first outdoor wedding, but certainly the first one I’ve ever attended that was literally right on the beach. It was awesome, even if a little windy!

I thought they included some really nice touches like flip flops for everyone to wear during the ceremony, lemon water to drink, and even soft towels for you to wipe the sand off your feet before the cocktail hour and reception. And even though I don’t really think of pink as a beach color, it worked really well. Even the harpist was wearing a pink wrap! The only part that was a little awkward were all the public beach goers that decided to take video and pictures of the ceremony …

A beach nuptials photo adventure:


3 Responses to “{san diego} beach wedding”

  1. erj said

    great pictures!! yeah it was such a nice wedding =)
    are you going to blog about the reception too??

  2. attrace said

    so pretty! except remember that umbrella that blew through hahaha

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