{costa rica} la UNA

August 18, 2012

“UNA” stands for La Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, or in English, the National University of Costa Rica. The UNA is located in Heredia, a city about 11 km away from Costa Rica’s capital city of San Jose.

The UNA was also where I took classes for five weeks. My study abroad program held its own separate summer classes, and the university students were on break for part of our time there. However, we had all the same access and rights as regular university students, and thus we were able to get just a tiny taste of what campus life in Costa Rica is like!

In typical Costa Rican (or “tico”) style, our classes were THREE hours long every day — that is one thing I am glad I don’t have to endure for four years. Many of the students brought lunches from home, and there were microwaves in the cafeteria for people to use to heat them. I didn’t take too many pictures on campus, but here’s a brief look:

One of the university entrances

A cool sculpture on campus

Plaza de la Diversidad — around this plaza was where I did a lot of my hanging out!



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