[room 329] what would you do @ the farm?

October 24, 2013


Last week, we read the book Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell. It’s a short little story about a girl who goes to Comstock Farm with her mom and her dad to pick apples and the perfect pumpkin. After their farm trip, they go home and carve a jack o lantern out of the pumpkin. On Halloween night, the girl goes trick or treating while the mom passes out the apples they picked at the farm.

After reading the book, we decided to make the text-to-self connections and think about what we would do if we went to Comstock Farm ourselves. It was a fun activity because the students got a chance to be creative and artsy. It was an authentic activity where the students really applied the book to their own lives. It was a comprehension activity that assessed their understanding of what happens at Comstock Farm in the book. And it was a writing activity where students had to express what they would do in writing. I love these kinds of activities even though they take forever and are always really messy!

Cutting a pumpkin

Really hard at work

What an artsy mess we’re making!

Here’s a few examples of our work!

At Comstock Farm I would pick all of the pumpkins and apples. I pick all apples. I make a monster pumpkins. The day pumpkins.

At Comstock Farm I would pick the apples. I would pick a pumpkin and take it home.

At Comstock Farm I would pick apples and pumpkins. I go to the pumpkin patch. Then I will go to my home and eat pumpkins and apples.

At Comstock Farm I would get a pumpkin and a apple. I need the apple and pumpkin. I need it for Halloween. I made a jack o lantern. First my papa cuts two eyes of my pumpkin. Then my papa has to cut the mouth of my pumpkin.

At Comstock Farm I would pick a pumpkin. I pick a apple from the apple tree. I see the sun yellow and bright. I see the sky blue. I feel the grass light green. I go in the barn. The end. I go a field trip.


2 Responses to “[room 329] what would you do @ the farm?”

  1. erj said

    wow i am impressed with your students!

  2. attrace said

    that’s so cute! you should actually take them to a farm haha

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