{taiwan} peanut malt candy in the making!

January 29, 2014




I have had the great opportunity to visit my grandma in Taiwan for two weeks, and my days have been filled with near nonstop eating. Yesterday, I got to visit a street in the DaXi district of Taipei that has maintained many of the old storefronts from almost 200 years ago! We walked by a store making fresh malt candy covered in crushed peanut powder — it looked so good, I just had to buy some! Take a look at the candy-making process!

Dripping the hot malt into the crushed peanuts

Mixing in the peanuts and rolling out the malt candy as it cools

Cutting the candy into slices for packaging

Fresh delicious chewy gooey candy!

And as an added bonus, take a look at the old storefronts along this street!

This is just one of the many food treasures I have eaten in the past few days. More to come next time!



3 Responses to “{taiwan} peanut malt candy in the making!”

  1. annalice said

    yummmm that looks soo good!! bring me back some!

  2. sherlyn said

    Hi,I’ve come across your website when I’m looking for malt candy in taiwan. Can I know which station to go to daxi district. ?hope to hear from you soon.

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