{guatemala} antigua’s cerro de la cruz

April 7, 2014


North of town, you can climb sloping steps in a beautifully forested area to Cerro de La Cruz. Antigua’s Cerro de la Cruz not only brings you to the top of a hill that is home to a stone cross (hence the name) but breathtaking views of the city below. Let’s take this climb together …


At the bottom of the hill, you see this sign. Cars headed for the top of the hill take a right while climbers follow the steps to the left of the sign. Safety is not a huge concern because they have many security guards continuously going up and down the hill.


I loved walking in the woods! Even though most of the branches were still bear from the dry season, I just loved being back in the woods again.


As I got the top, views of both the giant stone cross and the city below slowly came into view. Apparently, I got there at a lucky time because a tour group was finishing up and nobody else arrived until after I was ready to leave!


The majestic Volcán Agua make views from the top of Cerro de la Cruz even more beautiful.


The huge stone cross is also a beautiful sight.


More beautiful views of the stone cross, Antigua below, and Volcán Agua.


Since I had some extra time, I played around with my iPhone a bit and was able to take some cool panoramic shots from the top of Cerro de la Cruz as well. Up until this point I hadn’t taken many panoramic shots with my phone, but eventually for the hang of it! What a great way to remember this spectacular view!


One Response to “{guatemala} antigua’s cerro de la cruz”

  1. attrace said

    what a great view! and how lucky that you were the only one there – it’s like the whole hill was just for you!

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