{las vegas} kid-sized circus fun

July 17, 2014

15 years ago (or so) my family went on a family vacation to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Back then, I seem to remember the Strip being a little tamer. Back then, we also stayed at Circus Circus. For old time’s sake, it made sense to walk through it again. Situated on the northern side of the Strip, I don’t generally go this far north when I’m in Las Vegas, but it was kind of fun to visit this old casino again. I’m pretty sure inside nothing has changed! I seem to remember the Midway area (for kids’ games) the same. There was also a free circus-like acrobatics show featuring trapeze artists from Argentina that we happened to be in time to see as well. Circus Circus has certainly seen better times, but it’s still packed all the time! Yikes!

A circus in Las Vegas photo adventure:








2 Responses to “{las vegas} kid-sized circus fun”

  1. annalice said

    i remember the circus!! so much fun

  2. attrace said

    yeah we played so many games when we went that one time. and got so many stuffed animals!

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