{las vegas} burger + shakes @ blt

July 20, 2014

One evening, my sisters and I ate at BLT Burger. Located inside The Mirage, BLT Burger was on the Food channel and even won a contest for having the best burger in Las Vegas. Its Route 80 Burger holds that honor. BLT Burger also offers delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic shakes. Since there were three of us, we each decided to order a different burger with a different shake so we could try as many options as possible. All I can say is yum! While the burgers were delicious, the shakes really stole the show here. Not only were the shakes huge, they had such awesome flavors! The definitely left full and satisfied!



Shakes (left to right): Nut Job, The All Nighter, Night Rider


Route 80

The Classic


2 Responses to “{las vegas} burger + shakes @ blt”

  1. annalice said

    these burgers and shakes looks absolutely delicious!! SO sad i missed out =( were any of those shakes alcoholic? or no cause of junie haha

  2. allisence said

    Yea the night rider and the all nighter were both alcoholic!!

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