{taipei} riding the hsr

March 23, 2015


Instead of getting dropped off at the airport at the end of my trip to Taiwan, I decided to take the HSR from Taipei to Taoyuan this time. My last night, my grandmother invited me to eat out at Taipei Central Station. After dinner and shedding some tears, I went downstairs and entered Taipei’s High Speed Rail station. The train I took went from Taipei to Taoyuan and then to Taichung. Between Taipei and Taoyuan, there were only a few quick stops and I was in Taoquan within 18 minutes … talk about high speed!

Since I had never taken the HSR before, I really wanted to have this experience, especially since I knew it would be easy to transfer from the HSR to the shuttle bus to get to the airport, but had never actually experienced it. No worries, now I have and can certainly attest that it’s easy and I can do it again!

On the platform

The HSR arrives

Inside the train during my short ride


3 Responses to “{taipei} riding the hsr”

  1. annalice said

    leaving taiwan is always so sad!!

  2. attrace said

    Maybe I should try that next time! yeah laulau always cries =(

  3. jvlivs said

    Always sad leaving family…

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