{seattle} a theo-licious chocolate tour!

March 25, 2015



Although I have been up to Seattle several times for work, it wasn’t until this past trip that I had the opportunity to actually do some touristy things, aside from simply visiting Pike Place Market, and explore the city a bit more. One of these things was the tour at Theo Chocolate, a fair-trade, organic, chocolate maker with it’s factory right in the middle of the city’s Fremont neighborhood, just north of downtown Seattle. The tour costs $10 and runs several times a day, but it was definitely worth it. Take a look!


The first half of the tour took place classroom style, where we sat and learned all about the bean to bar process that Theo uses to make it’s chocolate. When the company opened in 2005, it was the first fair-trade, organic certified chocolate maker in all of North America! Here is one side of the cool classroom, where the walls were painted with the bean-to-bar story.


This lesson also included, much to my delight, several different types of chocolate samples, shown above.


Then we got to take a guided tour around the actual chocolate factory. Shown here is the hundreds of pounds of organic sugar that goes into the chocolate!


Theo chocolate is most known for their chocolate bars, but they also have a confectioner’s kitchen, shown here, where they make chocolate confections by hand. They cannot be shipped and sold like their chocolate bars because no preservatives and additives are added, so they are only sold on site at their factory.

After the tour, we were taken to the retail store, and I was so busy buying chocolate, that I forgot to take a photo of an actual Theo chocolate bar, but believe me, it was DELICIOUS!  This tour, and Theo chocolate, is definitely worth your while if you find yourself in Seattle!



One Response to “{seattle} a theo-licious chocolate tour!”

  1. annalice said

    the chocolate was certainly delicious!!!

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