[room 329] az sup. of schools

March 26, 2015


Today is a very special day at my school. Some special days are good and some special days are bad. At this point I am still unsure as to if today will be a good or a bad special day. Today, Diane Douglas, Arizona’s new State Superintendent of Public Instruction is visiting my school. In fact, she’s going to be at my school at 1 pm and she’s going to make some kind of speech. There’s going to be camera crews and the link; and all of us (teachers and students) are going to be props for her to look good during her speech. Perhaps my previous statement makes you think that I don’t like Ms. Douglas very much. Well, to be honest, I didn’t vote in our last election so I don’t have any right to say much. All I have to say is that I do believe that adoption of the Common Core standards was a correct decision on the part of Arizona, but Ms. Douglas is not a fan of Common Core. Let’s just say the vast majority of teachers at my school do not exactly feel honored that she “chose” our school for this “special honor”. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes today!


One Response to “[room 329] az sup. of schools”

  1. attrace said

    You don’t sound very excited about this visit. Keep us updated on how it went!

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