{denver} eating american @ sassafras

March 29, 2015

Our first meal in Denver was around brunch. My sister and I both love eating brunch so of course we wanted to find a delicious brunch place to start off our day of exploring Downtown Denver. We ended up at Sassafras American Eatery, which turned out to be a great choice. The Southern-inspired cooking offered a wide variety of breakfast options for us to choose from. We ended up ordering two things: a Chocolate Dipped Bacon Milkshake and the Special for the Day. First of all, the milkshake was so yummy, so chocolatey, and yet with a hint of bacon all at the same time. The Special was a Southwestern-style benedict with chicken and a fried green tomato on top. The sauce was a little bit spicy, which blended all the flavors together nicely. What a great start to our Denver adventure!


Wall decor

Table decor with jams

Special of the Day

Chocolate Dipped Bacon Milkshake

Bathroom decor


3 Responses to “{denver} eating american @ sassafras”

  1. annalice said

    that milkshake looks heavenly!! were there bacon bits in it?

  2. attrace said

    actually it was VERY spicy, if i recall! good thing we had the milkshake to cut the spice!

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