{denver} mile high state capital

March 31, 2015

One very cool thing about Denver is its altitude. Denver is known as the Mile High City because being located in the Rocky Mountains means that the city is very high up! Lots of athletes, runners in particular, go to Denver to train so that they can be used to running with a thinner air supply. Then when they return to sea level, they run better.

Being located a mile above sea level also means that Denver’s State Capital building is also located around this altitude. And since being a mile above sea level is a pretty special thing, they’ve even marked a particular stair of the State Capital so that tourists (like me) can take pictures exactly one mile above sea level! I mean, if you were visiting Denver and knew about this step wouldn’t you do the same? Besides, since Denver’s State Capital building is actually tinted blue, at least it looks a bit different from your typical gold-domed building.

A mile high photo adventure:







2 Responses to “{denver} mile high state capital”

  1. annalice said

    I didnt know that about Denver! Very cool fact

  2. attrace said

    yeah even walking up stairs left me out of breath – such thin air! hahaha

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