{denver} golden triangle of museums

April 4, 2015

Many of Denver’s most fabulous museums are clustered in what has been named Denver’s Golden Triangle Museum District. This area is home to eight of Denver’s museums, including the Denver Art Museum (100 W. 14th Ave. Pkwy.), the Byers-Evans House Museum (1310 Bannock St.) the Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art (1311 Pearl St.) the Molly Brown House (1340 Penssylvania St.), the Denver Firefighters Museum (1326 Tremont Pl.), the Clyfford Still Museum (1250 Bannock St.), and the History Colorado Center (1200 Broadway). The Denver Public Library is also located in this District.

It so happened that we walked through the Golden Triangle Museum District on a Monday. Well, clearly we didn’t think this through since most people know that many museums are closed on Mondays since they are likely open during the weekend. Monday is like the unofficial museum weekend. So it turns out we didn’t get a chance to go into any of these museums, but at least we got to enjoy what they offer on the outside, right? I thought the giant dustpan and feather duster as well as the giant chair were especially intriguing.

A golden Denver photo adventure:








3 Responses to “{denver} golden triangle of museums”

  1. annalice said

    pretty awesome there are things to see outside so it’s like you can experience the museum without having to pay for it!

  2. attrace said

    Haha remember how you had me try to get the duster photo with the fingers and then I failed so you had to do it yourself?

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