{denver} new + improved union station

April 5, 2015

Denver recently got a new Union Station. The idea first started in 1881 and the current building was completed in 1914. In 2012, the entire station received a major renovation and reopened to become a new transit-oriented mixed use development on the site’s former rail-yards. It finally reopened in 2014, 100 years after it was originally completed to include the Crawford Hotel, a number of restaurants and retail spaces, as well as an all new train hall that gives homage to the way train halls were treated in the early 1900s, majorly fancy.

These days, you can catch the light rail, the Amtrak, a number of different buses, and all kinds of shuttles in and around Union Station, which is located in Denver’s LoDo district. My favorite part was walking around and lounging in the train hall that resembles the way train halls used to look a hundred years ago. This throwback train hall was created perfectly with its light fixtures, waiting benches, and comfy couches. It’s also nice that you can get anything from breakfast to coffee to ice cream to burgers and a drink right in the Station. And for those waiting awhile or being touristy like my sister and I were, there were even small shops to browse. It certainly makes sense that Denver keeps saying their new Union Station is ready for the next 100 years!

A throwback photo adventure:









2 Responses to “{denver} new + improved union station”

  1. annalice said

    it seems that almost every city has a station called Union station

  2. attrace said

    Yeah I really liked the ambiance in this new union station!

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