{denver} crisp south platte river

April 6, 2015

The South Platte River runs along the west side of Downtown Denver kind of behind the new and improved Union Station. When my sister and I were in Denver for a long weekend, it was still winter so the air was very crisp. The fact that wind didn’t stop blowing as we crossed the bridge that straddles this river didn’t help either. Nevertheless, I bet this is where tons and tons of people go running all year long. Certainly we saw people fishing along the water’s edge in hopes of catching something! If I ever get a chance to live in Denver, I would totally visit this waterfront often!

A crisp Denver photo adventure:





2 Responses to “{denver} crisp south platte river”

  1. annalice said

    this looks like a great place for a run! but quite frozen

  2. attrace said

    Yeah there were some good hikes with trailheads here I think, but we were not prepared for that!

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