{denver} $2 ice skating

April 13, 2015

One afternoon while wandering around Downtown Denver, we walked by a Southwest ice skating rink. Upon close inspection, we noticed that it only cost $2 to skate for as long as you want! We decided to go for it since we had time and it only cost $2. After turning in $2 each and getting ice skates, we put them on and realized why it only cost $2. The skates were so hard and uncomfortable that you probably wouldn’t be able to last that long anyway! Oh well, it was only $2 and we decided to push through the pain of the hard skates for as long as we could handle. Since I hadn’t been skating for an incredibly long time, I was quite shaky on my feet, but started to get a hang of it half way through. The best part is that everyone got headphones so we could all jam out to a silent disco!

The rink


Very uncomfortable skates


4 Responses to “{denver} $2 ice skating”

  1. annalice said

    skates are always uncomfortable! at least it was super cheappp

  2. attrace said

    Those were the HARDEST most uncomfortable skates ever! They were like boxes with blades on them!

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