{san diego} mediocre professional sports teams — 2015 editions

April 15, 2015


When we last visited the San Diego Chargers, it was mid-season. Their record stood at 5-4. They ended the season with a record of 9-7, exactly the same as their 2013 record. Except, in 2013, they won the last four games, beat Kansas City in the season finale, forced their way into the playoffs. In 2014, same scenario, beat Kansas City in season finale and they are in. Not this time, they lost to KC, and bye bye playoffs.


New Chargers are just like the old Chargers. Not enough preparation from the coaches, not enough mental toughness from the players to scratch and claw out a win, when you absolutely needed it. Think of the New England Patriots beating the Seattle Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. It appears NE knew that slant pass play was coming. The coaches prepared the team for it, they practiced it, and when it finally came – interception, sealing the Patriots victory.

We gave the Chargers’ ownership credit for bringing in new general manager and new head coach, last year. That goodwill has a short half-life. Chargers fans, show the ownership that anything short of a Super Bowl win is not acceptable. I’ve often ridiculed the laissez-fair attitude of San Diego fans. News Flash! The New England Patriots just won their 5th Super Bowl for their fervent fans. Chargers fans, what has your team won?


The 2015 baseball season is only a few games old. Maybe this is the year!?

When we visited the San Diego Padres in August of 2014, they ranked dead last in every conceivable offensive category. It was truly an offensive stat! It was beyond being mediocre. San Diego fans, that cannot be acceptable. If you continue to pay to see this kind of non-performance, then you deserve to be disappointed. You deserve that last place, cellar dweller every year. They last made the playoffs in 2006. The last time the Padres won the World Series? Never.

We’ll check in with both the Padres and the Chargers again this year to see if this is finally the year they rid themselves the “mediocre” demon. Not likely, but Hope Springs Eternal.

2 Responses to “{san diego} mediocre professional sports teams — 2015 editions”

  1. annalice said

    very unlikely, but we can all hope.

  2. attrace said

    woohoo Patriots!! To be fair, the Red Sox were pretty horrendous last season, but they are doing really well so far this year!

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