[room 329] testing season again

April 16, 2015


Its testing season again!! The exclamation points in the last sentence are not an expression of excitement. In fact, I dread testing season because it gets everyone’s schedulea are messed up, everything gets out of synch, and the kids are stressed out about the testing. Don’t get me wrong. I agree with testing. I think the tests are important and all kids need to be held accountable for their learning, but at the same time, we definately need to work together as a profession to figure out a better way to do all this testing. I mean, there must be a better way, right?

This time around for state testing, every kid needs to test a total of 3 days. This includes one day for writing and two days for both reading and math. The problem is that because this test is on the computer and we only have so many labs set up, the testing days are all spread out over almost an entire month, which means the kids almost never know what day they’re testing, it’s impossible to get them psyched up and it just kind of sucks. Oh well, at least it’s almost over!!


One Response to “[room 329] testing season again”

  1. attrace said

    Oh no, that sounds very stressful for everyone involved!

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