{denver} the botanic gardens

April 19, 2015

I feel like many cities nowadays have botanic gardens. Not only is it a great way for the city to show off the area’s natural fauna and flora, it’s a way to get people to explore different varieties as well. When it’s not so hot in Phoenix, it’s nice to be able to go to the Phoenix Botanical Garden as well. Here in Denver, we decided to go to the Denver Botanic Gardens even though it was middle of winter because we stayed with someone found on airbnb and they let us use their annual membership. It also turned out that the day we had planned to go was a free entrance day anyway!

We walked in not really knowing what to expect, hoping that not everything was dead. I was presently surprised that not everything was dead. Not only were there giant greenhouses with tons of plants, there was an orchid hallway, and even the parts that were head, looked intriguing. Overall, while I probably wouldn’t have paid full price to go to the gardens in the middle of winter, I’m glad we got a chance to go! Take a look at the beautiful flowers!

A botanical photo adventure:















2 Responses to “{denver} the botanic gardens”

  1. annalice said

    wow these are so pretty!! thats so nice of the airbnb people to let you use their pass!

  2. attrace said

    the only downside was that it was crowded because it was free day and it was SO hot in the greenhouse too!

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