{denver} the downtown artscape

April 21, 2015

Walking around Downtown Denver is quite the treat because there is art scattered everywhere. I think most big cities are into this now because they want downtowns to be enjoyable in it of themselves without having to go somewhere or into a place. Public art it also what makes one downtown different from another. It gives character and personality to the city. Denver is very eclectic. There’s all kinds of different art from painted metal buffalo to giant white dancers. By no means did my sister and I see any percentage of the art downtown (and I’m not even talking about what’s available in the Golden Triangle Museum District) but what we did see was still pretty awesome. Take a walk this us here!

An artsy Denver photo adventure:









3 Responses to “{denver} the downtown artscape”

  1. annalice said

    never knew there would be so much to see in denver!

  2. attrace said

    that mural with the three-eyed sesame street characters was creepy!!

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