{denver} company for biscuits

April 27, 2015

Even though it was a bit out of our way, my sister and I decided to walk all the way to the Denver Biscuit Co. for a taste of southern biscuits served a mile high! I am sure glad we trudged all the way there in the cold because the biscuits were delicious even if the service was horrible!

Walking in, we tried to get our names on the wait list but for some reason the hostess didn’t seem to understand that so never put our name down even though we literally stood in front of her for 20 minutes. Eventually we asked because other people who came in after us got seated already. She said she didn’t realize we wanted our names on the list! Eventually, she put our name down and quite a bit later we got seated. We didn’t get seated at one of the normal tables though. We got seated at the only different-colored table that didn’t have any of the regular stuff that all the other tables had on it. Then we realized that our table was literally in the walkway so servers and patrons were constantly bumping into us. It also took forever for a server to ask our order.

After that, things turned around and we tried two of the most delicious biscuit sandwiches ever! I order The Schooner, which was a biscuit with PBR battered fried catfish, homemade tartar sauce, coleslaw, and tomato. The homemade tarter was amazing! My sister ordered The Franklin, which was a biscuit with buttermilk fried chicken, tender belly bacon, and cheddar cheese smothered in sausage or vegetarian gravy. She got the sausage gravy. You can also add an egg to this biscuit for an extra dollar. Omg … yum!


The outside

The inside

The Schooner – $9.95

The Franklin – $9.50


2 Responses to “{denver} company for biscuits”

  1. annalice said

    those are some expensive biscuit sandwiches but look amazing!!!

  2. attrace said

    agreed – WORST service but best biscuit sandwiches! the service almost ruined the whole experience!

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