{phx} squaw or piestewa

April 28, 2015

I’ve climbed Piestewa Peak many times before, but like almost everyone else here in Phoenix, I still can’t remember the fact that this rock mound is called Piestewa Peak and should no longer be referred to as Squaw Peak. Technically, I moved here after the official name change, but I guess the name Squaw Peak is just too engrained in the local desert lingo here.

You know what I’ll probably never be able to get over though? The fact that hiking here means climbing rocks. And there are literally parts of this (and Camelback) where you have to climb with your hands and feet up rocks. It’s so weird! Even still, the view from the top is pretty nice!

A desert hike photo adventure:








2 Responses to “{phx} squaw or piestewa”

  1. annalice said

    climbing on rocks is the intensest version of hiking!!

  2. attrace said

    wow that looks very intense. and dangerous!

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