[room 329] gone to the dbacks

April 30, 2015


Awhile ago, I won a $5,000 Arizona Diamondbacks grant for my class to be used in conjunction with other self-contained classrooms and speech therapy. Along with the $5,000, we also got 1,000 free tickets to a game. Our game was scheduled last week and it was tons of fun to see all the kids there with their families!

The front end of things though was tons of work. Handing out 1,000 tickets is quite difficult especially when you want to control what’s going on and make sure as many people as possible actually use the tickets they request. First we decided to give as many tickets as possible to any student (and their family) in special education. Then we did a second round for staff. The third round was open to students that each homeroom teacher selected and the final fourth round was open to all students. Keeping track of all the request forms, number of tickets requested, and confirmation papers was insanity. But in the end, it was all worth it cause not only did we get to go on the field to accept our award, all these families got to see a free Diamondbacks game! Thank you Arizona Diamondbacks for supporting Room 329!

So much paperwork!

On the field

We won!

Look at these seats all up in the air with all those empties down there!

And the banner now on my wall


4 Responses to “[room 329] gone to the dbacks”

  1. annalice said

    WOW congrats on the grant!! oh my, 1000 tickets seems like a lot!! did you end up getting 1000 people to go?

  2. wow, this is awesome! It’s amazing to see the opportunities teachers can be offered!! 🙂

  3. attrace said

    wow 1000 tickets is a lot! can’t believe it was still so empty!

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