eatery re-review 2015

May 6, 2015


A new installment of our eatery re-reviews,
Reflecting on our visits to these venues.
Satisfying treats worth remembering again?
Or, establishments deserving our refrain!

Sassafras is an American eatery,
Serving Chocolate Dipped Bacan Milkshake, sweet savory.
Benedict with Chicken and Fried Green Tomato was appetizing.
Do these really define “American” cuisine?

If you are ever in Palm Springs,
Trio will treat you to some fine dinings.
For breakfast and lunch,
Cheeky’s offers Mexican and local touch.


At Fleetwood Diner, you must try Hippie Hash.
Prohibition has Bacon Brussels Sprout Hash.
But don’t ask for it at Hash House a go go,
It doesn’t really do hash.


To satisfy your sweet tooth craving,
CRUMBS has cupcakes abounding.
Culver’s frozen custards are not quite on par,
With popsicles on steroid, at The Ice Bar


Sucker Punch Sally’s gives good portions to munch.
A mix of Johnny Rocket and IHOP delivers no memorable punch.
Snooze, we visited both in Phoenix and San Diego.
N••k, we liked their food and their ••.


“Friends don’t let friends take ugly men home”
That Tilted Kilt’s quote had us pondered.
Receipe, business motto, or Scottish poem,
Like all patrons, we were amused and wondered.


Well…it’s been fun reminiscing,
We hope enjoyable and entertaining.
Until we rehash the next batch,
Bon appétit at the places of eating.


2 Responses to “eatery re-review 2015”

  1. annalice said

    so many yummy foods to be eaten!

  2. attrace said

    hahaha what a funny poem. good summary!

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