{phx} cheba hut subs

May 11, 2015

The other day we randomly passed by a Cheba Hut and decided to stop in since it was time for lunch anyway. I had never heard about Cheba Hut’s toasted subs before, but I figured it was a hipper version of Quiznos. I was right! Cheba Hut’s sub sizes are a little different from the typical though. A 4-inch sub is called a Nug, an 8-inch sub is called a Pinner, and a 12-inch sub is called a blunt. In case you haven’t noticed all the marijuana references, yes, the place was filled with tons of them. Even the murals on the walls showed animals smoking pot … more strange than anything if you ask me. In any case, I thought my Humboldt Pinner was absolutely delicious. I just loved the way the herbs really pulled the sandwich all together. Yum! If there were more of these locations close to me, I would most definitely visit more often!


Hippie-style advertisements

Interior decor

Dank (pizza) Pinner

Humboldt Pinner

Dank (pizza) Pinner with no veggies

Kali Mist Pinner


2 Responses to “{phx} cheba hut subs”

  1. annalice said

    hahaha oh i didnt get the marijuana references lol

  2. attrace said

    if they opened one in some place like denver, they could actually put marijuana in the sub itself… haha

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