{phx} az canal falls

May 12, 2015

I feel like Arizona Falls is a super interesting place. On the one hand, it’s just part of the canal system. On the other hand, it’s been made into a place one can actually visit, almost like on a field trip to learn more about water in the desert.

I especially loved how one sign summed up the point of Arizona Falls with SRP.

REMEMBER those who gathered, picnicked and danced at Arizona Falls over 100 years ago.
LISTEN to water that powers 150 homes annually at this 750-kilowatt hydroelectric facility
ADMIRE fish that feast upon algae, keeping SRP canals clear without chemicals
TOUCH the boulders from SRP dams
SEE how mechanized rakes cleanse the canal and protect the fish
WONDER how the sun makes the ceiling fans turn
UNDERSTAND the connection between this site, 133 miles of SRP canals, and the water you use every day• DREAM of a future powered by environmental stewardship, renewable energy and the spirit of community

A falls photo adventure:









2 Responses to “{phx} az canal falls”

  1. annalice said

    wow this is really cool!! a manmade fall

  2. attrace said

    so interesting that this can be created in the middle of the desert!

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