[room 329] mom day flowers

May 14, 2015


Being that it was Mother’s Day on Sunday, I wanted my kindergarteners to make something nice for their moms. Mother’s Day is an easy holiday for this group because they all happen to have mothers that they live with. Sometimes these holidays are hard because not everyone lives in “traditional” family units. Anyway, I came up with a design for a simple flower that I thought would be relatively easy for a Developmentally Delayed kindergarteners. It worked out pretty well for the three that made the flowers. Two of my students have been pretty off recently with the school year coming to a close. I guess they can sense that change is coming so they flat out refused to do the project. My policy has always been that they everyone needs to finish ALL of their work before they can go home, but seeing that this was listed as a “special project” on the agenda, I let it go and simply wrote it in their notebooks so that their moms would know why they didn’t come home with anything. Sad, isn’t it?

Flowers for mom


One Response to “[room 329] mom day flowers”

  1. attrace said

    awww how sad that they didn’t want to do it!

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