what do we do on holidays: memorial day

May 20, 2015


Have you ever wondered, what’s the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day? Aren’t they kind of redundant? Both holidays honor those who sacrificed themselves to preserve the freedoms all Americans enjoy. Memorial Day remembers those who made the ultimate sacrifice, gave their lives. Veterans Day honors all who served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Memorial Day – also, the unofficial start of summer activities.

The weekend horticulturists and self-anointed green thumbs, just can’t wait to get started in transforming that backyard.


Of course, gift wrapped with all that green, are red eyes and sneezing of hay fever allergy.


If you live in the cold-weather states, time to open up that pool. You only have until Labor Day to enjoy it.


It’s also time to start planning that summer vacation.


Or that summer camp, to get the kids out of the house, so you can have some peace and quiet, and rest for a couple of weeks.


Sports fans, better enjoy those basketball and hockey playoffs. Soon, there will only be baseball left. Yes, it’s America’s pastime and all that. But, when there is only baseball for 3 long months, it tends to get really stale. The San Diego sports fans deserve much ridicule for their apathy and just being lackadaisical. However, consider the monotonous offering, we have to give the surfer dudes a pass for the summer months.


Is there any holiday that is not a car sales day?


Oh well, or you can just relax on your day off, and get charged up until the next holiday.



One Response to “what do we do on holidays: memorial day”

  1. allisence said

    I HAVE often wondered what the reason for having Memorial Day and Veterans Day is.

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