{cave creek} air full of balloons

May 25, 2015

On a whim, we decided to drive up to Cave Creek and attend the Sixth Annual Cave Creek Balloon Festival this weekend (Saturday). If I had decided on this earlier in the day, I would have recommended that we get there earlier in order to take full advantage of the whopping $10 entrance fee, but it was worth it none the less. The unique thing about this festival (that makes it different from other hot air balloon festivals) is that it happens at night time so you’re not actually looking at the balloons floating in the air. In fact, they stay grounded the entire night; and the whole point is to look for them when they’re lit up, creating quite a sight against the dark sky. The balloons actually start blowing up around 7 pm so that by 7:30 pm or so, all the balloons are lit, they do a few photo ops where all the balloons try to light at once so that the audience can take lots of pictures and then eventually they end the night with fireworks.

When we arrived on site, we noticed an incredibly long line to buy tickets. The guy at the entrance tried to convince everyone that the line was only 10 minutes long, which everyone doubted. In fact, the people in front of us even timed it. It wasn’t exactly 10 minutes, but considering how long the line was, we were moving pretty much the entire time and bought our tickets within 15 minutes! It was a great start to a beautiful evening. The only downside were the rude children. Now don’t get me wrong. I understand that this was a family event and I am all for children running around and getting out their energy. The part I didn’t appreciate were the kids that were running around so crazy that they were running on top of other people’s blankets and other belongings. The worst part is that the parents seemed to think that was OK and that our group wasn’t being understanding enough since we didn’t have children. Um, no, I understand; and I perfectly agree that your children can run at this event, but I absolutely do not understand why your children should be allowed to run on top of my things! Teach them some respect!

A hot and colorful photo adventure:





One Response to “{cave creek} air full of balloons”

  1. annalice said

    this looks like such an awesome time!

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