{sedona} in the cathedral, revisited

May 31, 2015

I love Sedona’s Cathedral Rock. Having climbed it before, we didn’t spend the time to do it this time, but we still stopped by to glance at the Cathedral’s impressive walls. I remember it not being a very long hike, but definately being a difficult one because your altitude increases quickly and there are portions where you literally have to pull yourself up on hands and knees. Even not having the chance to climb, I love stopping and taking a look at the red rocks in this area because it’s amazing to think that these rocks are the way they are naturally. Nobody came and carved them out or built them like they would a building. Cathedral Rock’s walls are the way they are because God intended them to be that way! Isn’t that just amazing? Though to be honest, I kind of think it looks like hands coming out of the mountain!

An impressive walls photo adventure:





One Response to “{sedona} in the cathedral, revisited”

  1. annalice said

    id really like to see this one day!

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