{sedona} stroll down main street

June 2, 2015

Downtown Sedona is kind of a funny place. It’s like the bridge between super touristy and nature gateway. Some parts of it are so touristy it makes you cringe, especially the prices and ridiculous things on sale. But then you turn around and glance at the other side of the road and see a glimpse of the beautiful red rocks that surround this place and you remember why Downtown Sedona even exists. The lovely art right on the street reminds you just where you are. I especially love the various javelina sculptures even though they are kind of scary! My favorite though are the newly-installed bells/xylophones/percussion instruments that anyone can walk up to and play. How fun!

A strolling photo adventure:











2 Responses to “{sedona} stroll down main street”

  1. annalice said

    the bells/xylophone thing is pretty awesome!! is it very large?

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