take care of your customers – meal delivery

June 3, 2015


A few months ago, we tried one of those for-fee meal delivery services for our parents, just to see if they like it and whether it’s an option to relieve them of daily dinner preparation. They gave it a try for about two months and decided against it. We cancelled it in March. The last delivery was 6 March 2015.


A month later, the meal delivery service, Dine In 2 Nite, charged our credit card $108.


After repeated attempts to contact without getting any response, we asked our credit card company for help. When contacted by the credit card company, Dine In 2 Nite actually sent the credit card company a 15-page document. It said the service was halted but not cancelled, hence it charged us in advance, in preparation of our resumed delivery!

If this is true, then shouldn’t the account balance show $108 rather than $0.00 ?

Also, since they spent the resources and mailing cost to send out a 15-page document, wouldn’t it be more prudent to put that resource to research their own records. It would have shown this account hasn’t received a delivery since March, and the customer is requesting refund of the extra charge. Hmmm, maybe, just maybe, they are cancelling their delivery??

Another case of not taking care of your customers. Do you think we will be ordering this meal service again? It’s tough to run a business. It’s tougher if your business practice does not encourage customers to stay. They will go elsewhere, and, you won’t be in business long.

One Response to “take care of your customers – meal delivery”

  1. annalice said

    so did you guys end up having to pay the charge??

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