{sedona} slide rock

June 4, 2015

Outside of Sedona is one of Arizona’s most interesting state parks, Slide Rock State Park. I’ve wanted to visit this place for awhile especially since I’ve heard it’s really fun on a hot summer Arizona day, but never got a chance until a recent trip to Sedona. The land Slide Rock State Park is on was originally the Pendley Homestead, an 43-acre apple farm in Oak Creek Canyon. Frank L. Pendley was able to plant his apple orchard here despite others’ failures because he was able to set up an unique irrigation system that the park uses to this day. In 1933, Pendley built very, very rustic cabins to cater to the tourists and vacationers that started visiting the area when the canyon road was completed. You can still see what’s left of the cabins on the property today.

Since then, Arizona State Parks and the U.S. Forest Service have taken over the area which is named for the famous Slide Rock, an 80-foot stretch of slippery slick water chute along the creek bottom that visitors slide down. This is especially famous on hot summer days because the water is cool and who doesn’t like a natural water slide … especially one that’s surrounded by Sedona’s famous red rocks!

A sliding photo adventure:








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