{tempe} slickable ice cream

June 8, 2015

Walking around on Mill Avenue, we decided to stop for some ice cream. Originally, the plan was to look for milkshakes because who doesn’t love milkshakes, but we ended up with ice cream sandwiches instead. Personally, I think we made the best mistake because these ice cream sandwiches were not only super cheap (only $2 each), but amazingly delicious. Slickables Ice Cream Sandwich: Sandwiches that are Lickable were A-MAZING! To make a custom ice cream sandwich, first you get to pick two freshly baked cookies. Then you get to pick any ice cream flavor. Next they assembly the ice cream sandwich. And last (you guessed it) you eat and lick it all up! So yum!


Warm cookies

tempe-slickables3Our ice cream sandwiches

This place was so good I came back late with more people … even more yum!


One Response to “{tempe} slickable ice cream”

  1. annalice said

    ooo there are lots of cookie ice cream sandwiches in SD, I can think of 2 I have been to recently!

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