{phx} nogales dogs

June 13, 2015

If you drive by 20th Street and Indian School in Phoenix during the day, you’ll see a comic book store (or something like that) with an oddly large parking lot. If you drive by 20th Street and Indian School in the evening, you’ll see that a large food truck has moved into the parking lot. The two women who work this large Nogales Hot Dogs food truck have also set up plastic tables and chairs for you to sit at while enjoy delicious Mexican-style hot dogs. This is truly one of the places I will miss in Phoenix because it’s so authentically Mexican and Phoenician all at the same time.

Upon walking up, you order hot dogs completos, which come with diced tomatoes, onions, mayonaise, and beans. Then, you’re welcome to walk up to the giant cooler in the side of their grill and add whatever toppings you want: guacamole, mushrooms, relish, cheese, and jalapeños. Next, you walk back to your table and squirt some ketchup and/or mushrooms to complete your loaded hot dog. Last, you gobble it all up while making a mess all over your hands! Just typing this makes me hungry!

Pre toppings

Post toppings

One Response to “{phx} nogales dogs”

  1. annalice said

    love topping bars! any food place is 100x better if there is a topping bar

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