car experience – hyundai sonata hybrid

June 17, 2015


Recently, we were looking for a new hybrid car. After a round through the usual car dealers, we thought we found one at great value, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. You get the most car for your money. With navigation and leather seats, Sonata Hybrid was offering deals around $25,000; whereas comparable Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid were above $30,000.


We went to test drive. Of the 3 Sonata Hybrids on the dealer’s lot, two had dead battery?? The one that could start was not the color that we wanted. It drove fine, but that did not alleviate the question marks in our mind.

We did some checking. There were reports of Sonata Hybrid’s battery going dead after 10 days. We all understand today’s cars have all sorts of electronic instruments that continuously drains battery. But, if whenever you are away for a week, you will be greeted with dead battery upon your return. That is not really acceptable.

We also found reports of Sonata’s hybrid powertrain control module/unit malfunctioning, leaving the car totally dead. One owner commented this way: the car is beautiful, has a comfortable and quiet ride, but all that doesn’t matter if you can’t get the car started!

We ended up buying a Toyota Prius. It seems that the Korean car makers still have some more work to do before catching up with the Japanese.



One Response to “car experience – hyundai sonata hybrid”

  1. annalice said

    our family really loves our toyota. 3/5 cars are toyota

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