{phx} memorializing barry goldwater

June 22, 2015

Recently I had a morning to spend in Paradise Valley. I looked up all the things to do in Paradise Valley and, to be honest, there weren’t that many options. One place the town seemed really proud about was the Barry Goldwater Memorial Park, which celebrates the life of Barry Goldwater, Arizona’s former five-term U.S. Senator. He was also the Republican Party’s nominee for president for the 1964 presidential election.

Goldwater lived in Paradise Valley so the location of this memorial park is fitting. The absolute best part of the park is that each aspect of the park was clearly thought out and reflects an important aspect of Goldwater’s life.

• The Arizona Onyx quotation band spirals toward his statue symbolizing his full circle of life.

• The bridge represents the transition along the path from one place to another.

• The bridge’s steel handrail incorporates elements symbolic of Goldwater’s love of aviation.

• 8 bronze medallions commemorate significant avocations and achievements in his life.

• Windows in the walls capturing views remind us of his passion for photography.

• The waterfall is symbolic of the short-lived water supply in the desert.

• The statue of Goldwater was created by Cowboy Artist of America, Joe Beeler.

• Stone walls show Anasazi patterns reflecting Goldwater’s association with Native Americans.

• The native plants on the grounds honor the land he loved.

A Goldwater-reflective photo adventure:









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