{phx} chompie’s nyc bagels

June 23, 2015

Since I was up in Paradise Valley visiting the Barry Goldwater Memorial Park anyway, I decided to swing by Paradise Valley Mall, which I had never visited before. Located smack in the middle of the mall complex is Chompie’s. I’ve heard about Chompie’s since I first moved to Phoenix. I think there was an article about them in the Arizona Republic way back then when I first started working at the paper. I’ve wanted to visit a Chompie’s location ever since then, but honestly just never got around to it, mainly since they don’t have a Central Phoenix location. Well, since I was in the North Phoenix area anyway, this was the perfect opportunity!

Personally I love New York-style bagels. These bagels are famous around the world for being chewy and boiled. Chompie’s bagels are just that, especially since they were started by the Borenstein family who moved from Queens, NY to Phoenix to start this business. I’m glad they did because even though this is my first time eating a bagel I bought at Chompie’s, you can also buy their bagged bagels at local grocery stores. Of course I will admit that my egg bagel sandwich was way better than any bagel sandwich I could make at home with my their bagged bagels!


Notice the NYC decor

So many baked goods to choose from

So many cream cheese spreads

Egg bagel with scrambled egg … so much egg … so delicious!


One Response to “{phx} chompie’s nyc bagels”

  1. annalice said

    bagels are the best!! my favorite is lox!

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