[good reads] the pastor’s wife

June 28, 2015


goodreads-pastorswifeEvery time I go to the library, I start walking down the fiction section. I started with the A’s and as you can see, I’m still reading in the A section! Phoenix’s Burton Barr Library is pretty extensive. Anyway, I picked up The Pastor’s Wife by Jennifer AlLee not knowing exactly what to expect. While I know this is a novel, the characters are made up, and none of it is true, it was an interesting story that I think must truly reflect the sentiments of some pastors’ wives who get caught up with being neglected because their husbands are so busy tending to their church congregation.

In this novel, Maura Sullivan leaves her husband and their church because her husband, the church pastor, is so busy with his job that he doesn’t even realize what’s going on with his own wife. She’s also carrying a secret though that pulls at her. Six years later, Maura returns to the small town due to a will reading that includes her. The elderly woman who died has a sense of humor though and an interesting re-matchmaking idea to get Maura and Nick back together again. I think I especially enjoyed this book because the characters bring life to couples that we often think of as perfect. As a church member, it’s often difficult to remember that the pastor is also head of his family and that needs to also be a priority!


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