{san diego} a bite of north park, stop 4

July 5, 2015

Recently I went on a food tour with Bite San Diego, the North Park one. We were able to take in interesting North Park sites as well as sample some of the best the neighborhood has to offer. Not only is North Park the oldest neighborhood in San Diego, it used to be a wilting lemon grove and is home to the oldest operating Chinese laundromat in the city. It’s also home to many a historic bungalow, which makes the architecture in the area unique.

Stop 1 was Splash Wine Lounge & Bistro.
Stop 2 was Crazee Burger.
Stop 3 was Berkeley Pizza.

Stop 4 was Subterranean Coffee Boutique, which is known for delicious coffees and teas in a warm and stylish atmosphere. This quick drink break was actually quite welcome after all the heavy foods we had been trying! We didn’t get any coffee or tea though. In fact, we were offered a light and palatable Strawberry Lemonade. I would totally buy the Strawberry Lemonade if I were ever in this area again.


Strawberry Lemonade


One Response to “{san diego} a bite of north park, stop 4”

  1. annalice said

    i bet their coffee must be good too if the lemonade was that yummy!

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