{san diego} chocolat desserts

July 7, 2015

I think there are two Chocolat locations in San Diego: Downtown and in Hillcrest. Even though my sisters live in Hillcrest and I’ve passed by the Hillcrest locations a few times without having gone in, for some reason we found ourselves Downtown. Upon entering the Downtown Chocolat locations, you can smell the sweetness in the air. That’s because there are crepes being made, tons of desserts in the box, and even more varieties of frozen desserts that you could ever imagine. This sweetness is mingled with the nuttiness of coffee also brewing (yum!).

I was immediately drawn to Chocolat‘s little cow logo, which is so cute! My sisters and I decided to share a crepe. The crepe was thin, filled with berries, and served with a scoop of delicious vanilla gelato. For some reason it wasn’t as delicious as I had expected though. Perhaps my expectations were too high! Oh well, maybe their chocolate stuff is better?


So many dessert options

So many frozen dessert options

Even more frozen dessert options

Fruit-Filled Crepe with Vanilla Gelato

Cute napkins

One Response to “{san diego} chocolat desserts”

  1. annalice said

    yeah the crepe was not robust enough, maybe it would have been better with more filling!

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