{del mar} board + brew

July 8, 2015


Wowie it feels good to be back! Excited for some more San Diego? Well this one comes from right next to the beach. Board and Brew is a San Diego favorite. Their original Del Mar location has spurred into eight more locations, three of which are brand new. All of these locations are more or less near the beach, hence the ‘Board’. Now their ‘Brew’ I’ve never tried but their slogan is “Quality sandwiches and craft beer” and their sandwiches, are delicious.

Every time I visit, I always order the “Tom’s Choice”, originally named the “Boardmaster”. This sandwich has become what Board and Brew means to me. What Board and Brew really means to everyone else, is their sauce. Next to the sandwiches, is a small container of what they call their “sweet-sour sauce”. This sauce is amazing. It’s tangy and unique and has the ability to be put on really, any sandwich. My friend ordered their “Turkado” which is also another popular sandwich selection.

Their lines have been getting longer and longer every time I go but they just recently started their text or call to order which I definitely need to try next time.

Board and Brew is definitely quality and is a nice accompaniment to a relaxing day at Del Mar Beach, but make sure you always ask for an extra side of their sauce!


Tom’s Choice



One Response to “{del mar} board + brew”

  1. annalice said

    hahaha junie makes a reappearance on the blog!

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