{san diego} yucky lounge sushi

July 11, 2015

My sisters live not too far from Downtown San Diego. One evening, we decided to go meet up and grab some sushi. Some how, the simple task of meeting up for what we assumed would be delicious sushi turned out to be a disaster!

It didn’t start off very well. We walked into Sushi Lounge and were not treated very respectfully by the hostess, which we brushed off for the sake of having a nice evening. Eventually we got seated after asking to not sit right by the door in a completely empty restaurant. We wanted to order the Happy Hour Brussel Sprouts but were told that we couldn’t order things off the Happy Hour menu unless we were sitting at the bar. Fine, so we ordered the Brussel Sprouts anyway. The Brussel Sprouts were the highlight of the evening.

We went on to order three rolls: The Kumite, the 92101, and the Market Street. All three were awful! We had never tasted sushi rolls that tasted so gross! Not only were the flavors totally off, the garlic chips got stuck in our teeth and it’s like they took perfectly good fish and added too many flavors that covered up what should have worked to bring out the flavors of the fish itself. What a disaster! We are definitely never going back to Sushi Lounge again!


Interesting decor

Typical sauces

Delicious Brussel Sprouts

Kumite Roll

92101 Roll

Market Street Roll

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