[good reads] sister chicas

July 12, 2015


goodreads-sisterchicasI’ve never really been into books written by multiple authors. I feel like it’s always confusing because there’s too much thinking involved. For some reason when I picked up Sister Chicas by Lisa Alvarado Ann Hagman Cardinal, and Jane Alberdeston Coralin, I didn’t realize that there was three authors! After I started reading though I realized that it was one of those books where each author is responsible for writing the chapters coordinated with each of the three main characters telling the story. For some reason when I’m reading these types of books I always forget who is who, which results in lots of confusion. It’s a great thing they have short blips about each of the main characters on the back of the book otherwise for the first half of the story I would have been more lost. Those character summaries were a life saver!

I realize that the previous paragraph makes it sound like perhaps I didn’t enjoy the book Sister Chicas by its many authors. That’s very much not the case! In fact, I loved reading Sister Chicas! I think perhaps it’s because at this point I’ve been living in the Latino community for so long and since I use so much Spanish regularly, that I loved how the authors used both English and Spanish in their writing. It made my Spanglish life seem real!


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