{seattle} gum on the wall

July 16, 2015

Located under Pike Place Market is one of Seattle’s quirkier attractions: Seattle’s Market Theater Gum Wall. The Gum Wall’s actual location is Post Alley, a brick alley that you get to by either walking down a ramp or stairs near an opening of the Market. While the concept of the Gum Wall is unique, it’s actually pretty gross when you consider the fact that all the pieces of gum stuck on the were at once point inside a person’s mouth collecting all kinds of disgusting saliva germs … yuck! Not that this discouraged me from visiting or even sticking my own piece of gum onto the end of someone else’s all the while making very sure to not touch anything! I mean, parts of the wall (and alley) have gum that’s inches deep!

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A Seattle gum photo adventure:





One Response to “{seattle} gum on the wall”

  1. annalice said

    this was so gross that it was cool!!

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